Dasha Denger is a Personal Development Photographer specializing in mental and emotional health through her 1-on-1 Healing Sessions and Intimate Portraiture to help her clients better understand themselves through her signature offer "The Personal Awakening Experience.

My signature offer

The Personal Awakening Experience

My Personal Awakening Experience is meant for those interested in addressing their creative blockages, limiting beliefs and low-vibrational patterns. This is a two part session that starts with our initial connection to help you deeper understand of yourself. Second part of the experience is visual, all about showing off the outer beauty through the art of intimate portraiture.
The session is split into sessions, the 1-on-1 Healing Session and the Intimate Portraiture Photoshoot.


The Portfolio

"In my own life I have gone through so many personal changes and because of them I have been able to heal and let go of so much hurt.
I gained so much from those difficult times, and With this new found wisdom and a healthier mindset I hope to help enlighten my clients to a better way of living & Creating.

-Dasha Denger


About Me

Hello all! My name is Dasha Denger, I will be your Personal Development Photographer during our journey together. My specialty is helping you better understand yourself through a gentle, professional and guided approach of healing your mental & emotional wellbeing.

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Client Testimonials
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Kimberly David

Working with Dasha is an absolute joy. She's very detailed oriented and has an amazing eye for styling which takes off a lot of pressure when shooting- knowing you can trust her and not second guessing everything! If her talent alone is enough to make you want to book her perhaps it'll help to know that she has wonderful energy and really cares about the work you're creating. No matter what type of photography you're booking her for you can assure you will be getting her absolute best. I trust her 100%

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