Below I have selected my finest works of art. I hope you will sit here for a while, scrolling through the images to become fully enveloped in their magnetism.

Editorial Fashion Photography is meant to be created for so many people all in one go. It's meant for the client, the model, the creative team and the photographer. So much goes into creating an editorial set from the planning stages to executing the vision with the team on set, to photographing exactly the right poses and angles with just the right light and direction. Retouching the images to ensure the client only gets the highest quality results upon the delivery is no easy task.

I capture authentic moments narrated by professionals to tell a story of magic, ethereal-ism and other-worldly reality we do not yet live, but can only experience by viewing the Editorial Fashion works. My Photography, Styling, Retouching and Creative Direction goes beyond any basic photoshoot it creates realities outside of our own only to be understood by experiencing them fully through the looking glass of the creatives lens.

All images are shot & fully retouched by Dasha Denger

"I always capture the person inside,
not just the image they're representing in the moment."

—Dasha Denger