we need your help


Many business Downtown Davenport have been hit anywhere from mild to extremely hard by this outrageous flood. It's reaching its highest level since 1993 and with the following weeks forecast of more rain and thunderstorms the water is predicted to rise. This water may stay in place for weeks or even months to come and it will be devastating to the infrastructure of all the buildings impacted by the water. All the workers who used to have an incoming pay from any of these small businesses are now going to be without work and unable to pay their rent or feed their families.

Cleaning and rebuilding will be a huge part of reconstruction for most of the businesses located right in the belly of the beast. By donating to the businesses themselves, their owners & their staff you will be helping the recovery speed 10 fold. We as people, close friends or family cannot sit back & wait for the city, the state or even government to come bail us out. We have to help each other and provide those most affected by this flood by giving just 1 little thing: MONEY
The funds needed to recover will be massive and chances are insurance won't cover everything. With your help of even $1 we can ensure a speedy recovery and ensure those who’ve lost their wages can still support their families.

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  • Wendy of Great River will be bartending over at Wake Brewery on Mondays & Tuesdays 3PM-10PM POST
  • Farmer's Market will be relocating to County Administration Building off 4th & Western. May 4th & 5th FB POST / KWQC POST