Personal Awakening Experience 


Is like no other in this area. My vision, my photography style and the supportive approach I offer is not something you will be able to get anywhere else in the greater QC area and surrounding.. This is my promise to you.

My Personal Awakening Experience combines two of my main skills and passions in life

Mental & Emotional Healing and Fine Art Photography that gives you that ultimate Personal Awakening Experience you have been waiting for all the while capturing stunning keepsake photographs that will bring you and your family joy for a lifetime.

During your journey with me you will receive generous coaching and helpful life-advice on any topics you choose to explore. My experience with photography goes well beyond just shooting, it truly encompasses all areas of life so I can better help you become the best version of yourself through gentle mental health check-ins, emotional support and non-intrusive life-advice on how to evolve with grace and patience.