Personal Awakening Experience

A two hour session including a 1-on-1 sit down conversation prior to the one hour luxury portrait photoshoot. Includes 25 Final Images in a Private Gallery.

All high resolution digital files & print products available for purchase after the session.


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How does your process work?

1. Let's get to know each other!

We begin right away with a lovely chat over an email in order to get to know one another. After we feel comfortable enough with each other I will schedule a quick 20 minute call to chat about your wants & needs about achieving the session of your dreams. We will talk briefly about some details like: Ideal poses you wish to see, the locations and spots you want to shoot, wardrobe and makeup styles that best suit you!

2. Planning & Connecting

After our first email & phone call we will begin the planning process. You will always have the freedom to choose the date & time that best suits you via my booking page. There you will also be able to choose your session type & ideal date and time for your session. Our signature Awakening Sessions usually last 2 hours and can be broken up between two session days separating the conversation & the photoshoot. 

3. It's time to get to work!

Now that we've reached the most exciting part of your journey we are going to get real about the things that matter most to you, your loves and desires as well as the things that hold you back. Usually the first part of the session, the 1-on-1 conversation, takes about half hour to an hour depending on how open and vulnerable you want to be. 

If you are doing both the 1-on-1 and Photoshoot in one day, I will start photographing you when I feel we have reached a deeper level of understanding in order to capture the real, raw and genuine you that's bursting to come out.

If you had decided to split the session into two days, we will finish by confirming our shoot date & time and meet again when it's time to take the portraits!

4. Retouching & Perfecting

The session retouching time takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks. Why the wait you ask? I hand pick and fully retouch all your best images so your final wall art and ready to share images will be natural but flawless. I never over-edit, my retouching style takes time because it is a work of art. I go over every single detail with the highest attention to detail using only the most high-end retouching methods. I never use any filters or quick fix photoshop methods so your skin will always look like you but on your finest day!

5. Gallery & Wall Art Order

When the images are after the retouching process you will receive full access to a private, fully customized client gallery where you will get to review your images. The gallery comes equipped with printing options, so you will be able to order your prints right off the site or request an in-person meeting to go over your images with me at your home or favorite coffeeshop!

All digital copies and print products are purchased separate after the session. 

Just one more thing

Are we a perfect fit?

When booking it is so important to remember that you becoming my client is just as important as me becoming your photographer and mentor. I don't take anything lightly and so every single session means the world to me. I take great pride in helping my clients achieve exactly the kind of experience they had dreamed of.

My motto lately has been clear,

"Nothing is so important that your mental health needs to suffer or take the back seat."

Everything in life must always have balance and everything must come back to your inner peace and loving intention for you to grow and heal gracefully.

So if you think you are my ideal client that loves Fine Art, being creative and staying open-minded with your photos meanwhile sharing your inner most thoughts and feelings with me so I can help assist you in your healing journey, then we are definitely a perfect fit!

I simply can't wait to make your acquaintance, so if you are ready, head on over to my contacts page and drop me a line so we can get started on your journey today!