Working with me is

unlike anything you've ever experienced before

What I offer is so different, and so unique, you will not be able to get this kind of service from anywhere else..

This I promise you. I have worked hard for many years to combine two of my main skills and passions in life, Mental & Emotional Healing with Fine Art Portrait Photography that will bring you this ultimate Personal Awakening Experience

you have been waiting for your entire life.

During your journey with me you will receive generous coaching and intuitive life-advice on any topics you choose to explore.

My experience with photography goes well beyond just shooting, it truly encompasses all areas of life so I can better help you become the best version of yourself through gentle mental health advice, emotional support and non-intrusive life-advice on how to evolve with grace and patience. It should also be stated though I offer extremely personal and intuitive life advice, I am not a licensed therapist or mental health professional. My work is a lot more gentle and geared toward helping my clients live a happier and healthier lifestyle by addressing their blockages, struggles or worries.

Is this Experience for me?

My Personal Awakening Experience is meant for those interested in addressing their creative blockages, daily challenges, emotional blocks and or struggles in personal life and career. This is a two part session that starts with our initial connection and with my help a deeper understanding of the self. Second part of the experience is visual, all about showing off the outer beauty through the art of intimate portraiture.

The session is split into two, the 1-on-1 Healing Session followed by the Intimate Portraiture Photoshoot. The session has three tiers that you can choose between: 2 month, 4 month or 6 month. This time is allowed so you can decide how much time you need to heal and process after our Healing Session.


Signature Offers

Personal Awakening Experience

A two hour session including a 1-on-1 Healing Session prior to the one hour Intimate Portraiture Session. Includes 25 Final Images in a Private Gallery.

All high resolution digital files & print products available for purchase after the session.

Begins at $1150.00

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The Process


consultation call

/ Connection

We will begin our journey together with a connection.

It is so important to me that we have the ability to meet face to face and discuss what I can help you with during our time together. What has been bothering you lately? What blockage may be stopping you right now from living your ideal lifestyle? Are you struggling with personal traumas or family issues from the past that keep inviting themselves into your life? Is work not going as well as you'd hoped but you're just not sure why or how to move forward? Whatever the issue(s), there is always a solution. Our time together will be that solution.

After we have chatted in person via zoom or a phone call and it appears clearly we are a great fit for working together we will move forward to Part II, the actual in person sit down conversation that lasts about an hour.

After we have gotten to know each other a little better and you feel comfortable with me enough to start opening up, we are ready to set up a time to meet in person for our 1-on-1 Healing Session. This part of the session can be done anywhere you feel most safe, most relaxed. If you'd like to sit in your living room, great I'm there! If you'd rather meet at a café, restaurant or lounge, let's find one that works great for an intimate conversation. I will come to you and always make sure you are at ease in your surroundings because it is so important that you feel safe.

Before the session I ask that you prepare a small list of things you want to discuss during our time together. Having a clear vision for what you'd like to accomplish is key, without proper direction and planning you may not get the most accurate results you are hoping for. If there is a topic that is hard for you to talk about, perhaps step away from it and direct your focus on something that is more attainable at the moment. The 1-on-1 Healing session will take almost exactly 1 hour with additional 10 minute closing time.

Please enquire to know the additional details of the full session breakdown and process.



1-on-1 Healing Session /



/ Intimate Portraiture Session

 This part of the experience is all about planning, preparing and finalizing for your big day in front of the lens. If you chose the 2 month tier, the planning process will begin right away with selecting the session date, time and location. If you selected the 4 to 6 month tier, we will begin the planning the same way but there will be more time to decide and finalize the details between sessions.

The Intimate Portraiture Session will take 1 full hour. You are welcome to choose your own home as a location or your favorite park or café, I advise you to choose whatever feels best and most comfortable to you. If you feel you need help choosing the best location and have no preference, I am happy to find one for you! I will help you pick out your clothes either in person or over a video call. I will always navigate you to the best lighting spots and help you with posing using my professional model coaching skills during the entire session. We will shoot however many shots we need to make sure we have captured your ideal shot that at the end of the session simply screams YOU!

The session retouching time takes anywhere between 2-4 weeks.

I hand pick and fully retouch all your best images so your final wall art and ready to share images will be natural but flawless. I never over-edit, my retouching style takes time because it is a work of art. I go over every single detail with the highest attention to detail using only the most high-end retouching methods. I never use any filters or quick fix photoshop methods so your skin will always look like you but on your finest day!



/ After the Session




/ Wall Art Order

When the images are ready after the retouching process you will receive full access to a private, fully customized, online client gallery. You will have two weeks to review your images and decide on your wall art order. You are welcome to make your order through the gallery itself, it's fully equipped to take orders and will drop ship straight to your door!

Or you can request an in-person sit down to go over your images together and I will be happy to navigate your thought the print ordering process at your home or favorite coffeeshop!

And of course, before and after the session I am always reachable and connected to you through email, cell or social media when you need me! No more anonymity -- only pure and honest communication from start to finish to help you feel secure and able to choose your most beautiful products in a timely fashion.

All digital copies and print products are purchased separate after the session. No high resolution digital files are included in the session(s). They must be purchased separately if desired to make personal prints.

Just one more thing

Are we a perfect fit?

When booking it is so important to remember that you becoming my client is just as important as me becoming your photographer and mentor. I don't take anything lightly and so every single session means the world to me. I take great pride in helping my clients achieve exactly the kind of experience they had dreamed of.

"Nothing is so important that your mental health needs to suffer or take the back seat."

Everything in life must always have balance and everything must come back to your inner peace and loving intention for you to grow and heal gracefully.

So if you think you are my ideal client that loves Fine Art, being creative and staying open-minded with yourself meanwhile sharing your inner most thoughts and feelings with me so I can help assist you in your healing journey, then we are definitely a perfect fit!

I can't wait to make your acquaintance, so if you are ready, head on over to my contacts page and drop me a line so we can get started on your journey today!

Client Testimonials

Alex / Photographer

"I had the pleasure of gleaning some wisdom from Dasha during a recent consultation meeting. I went into the meeting hoping she could help me get started with a new photography direction. She did not disappoint. Dasha was very professional and well-prepared, prompting me with helpful questions and making sure she shared as much as possible in our one hour meeting. She was kind and easy to talk with. I highly recommend connecting with Dasha if you are looking to learn more about editorial photography!"

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